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What is the Minnesota Energy Challenge?

Minnesota Energy ChallengeThe Minnesota Energy Challenge is an action guide for reducing energy waste in our state. Energy efficiency has never been this FUN and EASY!

Energy efficiency can sound technical or confusing, but our experts at the Energy Challenge are here to make it less boring.  Browse the action guides to find step-by-step instructions and more resources on a range of actions that help you reduce energy waste and save money in your home.  The Energy Challenge is for all ages, living situations and experience levels – there’s something here for everyone.

When you join the Energy Challenge, you can also print out reminder sheets, check off the energy saving actions you have already taken and join teams for your school, congregation, business and more!

Questions, comments, suggestions?  Feel free to contact Neely Crane-Smith, the Challenge coordinator at or 612-335-5852.  Neely is a certified residential energy auditor who also gives FREE workshops and presentations!

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  1. John Wexler permalink
    7 November 2007 2:02 am

    I am insulating my pipes to conserve energy. What is the best insulation for 3/4 inch pipes.

  2. Susan Hofflander permalink
    5 January 2009 9:56 pm

    I’m so pleased to see what it is this organization stands for. I have heard you talk at company gatherings and my daughter runs the NRP, Lowry Hill East. I have written a blog about greening of homes in Minneapolis cities. Here’s the url: Please read and direct people to the blog if you feel so led. Thanks for all you do. Given that over 90% of home buyers consider energy efficiency to be at least somewhat important when considering which home to purchase, your existence becomes ever more important, not just from a sales standpoint, but from an environmental savings standpoint.

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