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The Cost Benefits of Smart Phones

9 December 2014

Do you use your smart phone 24/7? Watch movies on your iPad? Give yourself a pat on the back – you are being energy efficient!entertainment center

By forgoing use of computers and TVs you are saving a boat load of electricity and money. According to a piece Forbes just released, using your smart phone all day every day will only cost you 25 cents per year and use only 2 kWh a year. In addition, charging your iPad every other day will only cost you $1.5o and use about 12 kWh a year. In comparison, a desktop computer will cost you $36 a year and a big screen TV will set you back $20 to $45 a year.

So before you turn on your desktop computer or TV ask your self- is there an app for that??

Take a look at the cost comparisons of other electronics in your home on the Forbes website.

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