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Reduce Summer Blackouts – Sign up for A/C Load Control

11 July 2014

A recent New York Times article,  How to Prevent Summer Blackouts, highlighted the importance for utility A/C load control programs. Summer blackouts often happen when everyone needs a ton of  electricity to cool our homes at the same time. No one is a fan of blackouts- so a way to help reduce the possibility for summer blackouts is to sign up for your utility’s A/C load control program. These programs are easy, 2asave you money and are helpful to utilities during excessively hot days!

Signing up for your utility’s load control program will involve someone coming out to install a switch outside near your central A/C. This will allow your utlity to cycle your cooling element (not fan) on and off. Since the fan always stays on most customers don’t even realize a difference! The best part is when you enroll in the program most utilities will automatically take 10% to 15% off your electric bill for the summer months- how cool!!

Find out more about A/C load control on the Minnesota Energy Challenge site.



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