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New: Clothes Dryers Can Now be ENERGY STAR Certified!

16 June 2014

Washing MachineUp until recently clothes dryers have not been on the list of appliances that can be ENERGY STAR certified. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) clothes dryers account for about 4% of the total residential energy use in the US. These inefficient dryers cost the country about 4 million dollars a year in wasted energy use (total we pay about 9 billion a year to run clothes dryers). Thankfully with new energy saving technology dryers can now be ENERGY STAR certified! The earliest ENERGY STAR certified dryers will be available in the United States by mid-summer.

Not looking to invest in a new dryer? There are a few easy ways to conserve energy using your current dryer:

  • Make sure to always clean out the lint trap
  • Don’t over dry your clothes
  • In the summer use a clothes line and avoid using your dryer all together!

For more information: ENERGY STAR USA Today GreenBuildingAdvisor

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