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Make your new appliance work for you!

19 May 2014

In a typical Minnesota home about 30% of its energy use goes towards running electronics and appliances. When your appliances are needing costly repairs or just stop working, make sure to replace them with ENERGY STAR rated appliances to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Product LabelsWhat is ENERGY STAR?

ENERGY STAR is a program through the Environmental Protection Agency that labels and promotes energy efficient products to help consumers save green house gas emissions. Products earn the ENERGY STAR label if they meet previously set efficiency standards. All products are third party tested to ensure correct labeling and savings! In summary: ENERGY STAR is a great way to know that your appliance will save you energy and money compared to your previous appliance!

When should I replace?

It varies depending on the appliance. In general, if repairs are costing you 100+ dollars and your appliance is 10+ years old, consider replacing it. For example, a new ENERGY STAR fridge can reduce your energy costs $50 to $100 a year, depending on your previous fridge model. Those yearly savings will lead to a fairly quick pay back period.

I played around with this ENERGY STAR appliance calculator (Excel) to give you a few concrete examples of how a new appliance can work for you.

New dishwasher in a Minnesota home:Washing Machine

  • Additional purchase price of $10 dollars to get an ENERGY STAR  rated certified washer
  •  Net lifetime cost savings of $55 over the 10 year life of the washer
  • Annual CO2 savings of 57 lbs!

New washing machine in a Minnesota home:

  • Additional purchase price of $50
  • Annual water savings of 2,257 gallons
  • Annual CO2 savings of 117 lbs
  • Net lifetime cost savings of $187

Great resources!

Minnesota Department of Commerce Division of Energy Resources- Energy saving guide to appliances, electronics and lighting

ENERGY STAR rated products

Minnesota Energy Challenge major appliance action guide

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