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Watch and Browse Efficiently

8 January 2014

It isn’t a huge surprise that 55% of our homes electricity is used by appliances and lighting. Especially since Minnesota has 45abeen in a deep freeze so far this winter, leading to lots of snuggling inside to watch movies. For these reasons I have a couple tips to help browse the internet and watch movies more efficiently. These are tips I found via The Energy Collective.

Change Your TV Settings: Select the “home” or “standard” picture set up. “Vivid” or “retail” settings are unnecessarily bright for watching at home and use 15% to 20% more electricity. This is a quick, easy and effective change.

Ditch the Console:  The most energy intensive way to watch movies is streaming them through video game consoles. Streaming movies using a Roku, Apple TV or directly through internet on your TV uses 10-20% less energy than a console.

ENERGY STAR Home Network: Cable and internet boxes suck power 24/7. To ensure that your device is using the least energy possible buy or ask your cable company for an ENERGY STAR rated device.

Small network equipment in America’s homes consumes more than $1 billion worth of electricity annually—equivalent to the output of three large, polluting coal-fired power plants. – NRDC

Keep warm everyone!

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