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It’s 2014 and you will still be able to buy incandescent bulbs!

30 December 2013

When the first blog on the phasing out of incandescent lights was written back in 2011 January 2014 seemed far away. Well, it is here folks- the final phase of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007 will be enacted this January. What does this mean for consumers and the lighting industry? In short lower utility bills, more jobs and a healthier planet! Below are a few items I learned from reading the EPA’s Backgrounder on the act.

  • The act requires that any bulb manufactured and sold from 2014 on needs to meet the appropriate efficiency requirements.
  • This act is not a ban on technology. You will still be able to buy incandescent bulbs, they will just have increased efficiency to meet the new requirements.
  • You will save money! Yes, more efficient bulbs cost a few dollars more upfront, but over their lifetime you will save money (and energy!). For instance: one ENERGY STAR rated CFL bulb can save you $40 over its lifetime.
  • The new lighting standards are driving innovation and creating manufacturing jobs all around the country.
  • Mercury levels in the environment will decrease. The vast majority of our electricity in Minnesota comes from burning coal, and burning coal releases mercury into the environment. Using a CFL uses less electricity, requiring less coal to be burned, releasing less mercury.

Total Mercury Emissions, CFLs and Incandescent

For more information take a look at the US EPA Backgrounder on EISA.

Add this to your Energy Challenge actions.

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