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Time to Recycle Your Broken Holiday Lights

21 November 2013

It is the time of year when most of us are getting out the incandescent holiday lights that we bought last year. If it’s a typical year, at least one of our strands won’t work and it is out to the store to buy new ones. Here are three things to keep in mind when this happens to you again this year:


1. Recycle the broken lights: Don’t just toss the broken strands in the trash. Instead, bring them to the closest holiday light recycling bin. There are more than 450 locations throughout the state!

2. Buy LED lights: LEDs are the perfect use for holiday lighting. They can last up to 25,000 hours, which is an average of about 40 holiday seasons! LEDs also use 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Depending on how enthusiastic your holiday light decorations are, this combination will help you save $10-$250 every season. The best part is if one light on the strand goes out, the rest of the lights will still work.

3. Add it as an Energy Challenge pledge: Don’t forget to add this to your Energy Challenge profile to continue to see your overall savings grow!

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