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The Popular Phantom Load Halloween Post

29 October 2013


Yes, the Halloween – phantom load analogy is excessively used this time of year. Yet, it is no joke in how much the country wastes on powering electronics not in use. Phantom load – the constant electricity leak of electronics left plugged in – costs our nation over $4 billion a year in wasted electricity! Get rid of those energy phantoms to save your household money (~$14 a year) and reduce your carbon footprint. It is fairly simple to do:

  • Unplug any charger that is no longer charging a device.
  • When not in use, unplug any appliance with a constant light on it (toaster, coffee pot, TV, printer, etc)
  • Use a power strip for your entertainment and office area to make shutting off multiple electronics easy

The hardest part of reducing phantom load is remembering to do it! Try using strategic post-it notes, or have the job be a specific family member’s job.

More on phantom load on the Energy Challenge.

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