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Southwest High School Makes Goal!

15 October 2013


This summer I was approached by Nathaniel, a sophomore at Southwest High School in Minneapolis, about participating in a sustainability fair he was organizing. I was impressed that Nathaniel took time out of his short summer to organize a sustainability fair on his own.  Now that is some dedication to sustainability!

One of the goals Nathaniel had for the fair was to beat South High School (a big rival) on the Energy Challenge standings. As a proud Southwest grad I was especially enthusiastic about this! At the time, Southwest had 23 members while South had 207. Together we agreed on a goal of 200 new students pledging to reduce their energy use, which was a pretty large goal that I assumed would take a couple months to achieve.

SW 2

At the fair, which took place on a Friday during both lunch periods, students had a chance to learn about opportunities to become involved in  environmental initiatives and pledge to reduce their energy use with the Energy Challenge. Student volunteers walked around with clip boards and asked other students to sign up for the Challenge. Nathaniel also arranged to have four other organizations to exhibit along with the Energy Challenge.

By the end of the fair more than 200 students (223 to be exact) had pledged to reduce their energy use! The original goal was reached in just a couple of lunch periods and Southwest now has 249 members pledging to reduce their CO2 emissions by 1,374,152 lbs and are saving $41,255 annually.  With a little positive social pressure and a lot of dedication Nathaniel and the other volunteers were able to reach their goal and engage students in environmental conservation!

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  1. Neely permalink
    17 October 2013 11:59 am

    Awesome! Great job Emma and Nathaniel – that’s fantastic.

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