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Renters Can Save Too!

2 October 2013

As renters we have a lot less opportunity to participate in the big bang for your buck actions such as insulation and a new heating system. This may make it feel like renters have less impact, but as the Energy Challenge shows, the little actions make a difference too!

flip the switchFlip the Switch: Don’t just turn off the lights, make sure your electronics are completely off. Turn off the power on the power strip- or unplug the electronic from the wall. Savings of 288 lbs CO2/ $14 a yr.

Wash em Cold: 90% of your washing machine’s energy use is used to heat the water. Save on electricity and extend the life of your clothes by washing them in cold water. Savings of 385 lbs CO2/ $35 a yr.


Ditch the Car: Combine trips, walk, or bike to get exercise and energy savings. Savings of 458 lbs CO2/ $87 a yr.

Deck the Halls with LEDs: Purchase LED holiday lights. They can last up to 40 holiday seasons and use 80% less energy to run. Savings of 600 lbs CO2/ $30 a yr.

Spread the Word: Another great way to save electricity is to spread the word. Tell your friends and family what they can do. A little education and social pressure have a positive influence on energy conservation actions.

These actions add up to a savings of 1,731 lbs CO2 and $166 a year! How’s that for making a difference!

More actions renters can do!

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