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What can you improve on?

23 July 2013

energyWhen it comes to energy use, we all have something we could improve. We all use energy every day from driving appointments and sports practices to making dinner and running errands. That means these everyday activities are also opportunities to reduce your energy use and lower your carbon footprint. This week I want you- yes YOU – to pick an energy conservation action to start or improve on in your daily life. It can be anything from hanging your clothes up to dry to air sealing your home. As the Energy Challenge shows –actions of all sizes add up to make a big difference! Once you pick an action, take a minute to write out a couple steps that will help you achieve it. Alternatively you can find your action on the Energy Challenge and print off the pre-made steps.  For example:

Goal: I want to get my home’s air leaks sealed before November.

  1. Find two contractors to get a bid from.  ( and/or
  2. Call and schedule appointments
  3. Schedule the work
  4. Enjoy fewer ice dams and a tighter sealed home!

This action is also on the MN Energy Challenge

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