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It’s getting hot in here: Heat gains

16 July 2013

During super hot days it is important to keep heat gains down to save on A/C costs and to keep your family cool. There are four ways heat enters a home-

Solar gain: Heat  gained through the sun shining onto and into a home.

Air leakage: Hot and humid air leaking into a home, and cool air leaking out.

Internal gain: Heat radiating from appliances within a home.

Transmission through shell: This is caused by the temperature difference between the inside of a home and the outside weather.


Here are a few free and easy ways to reduce heat gains in your home this summer:

Close your blinds: This is the simplest and most effective action to reduce heat coming in through your windows. Windows (serving the function of windows) let a lot of solar heat through. To do this action simply leave your blinds closed throughout the day.

Reduce phantom load: Make sure all appliances are turned off and unplugged to avoid any unnecessary heat production. This  includes sparingly using lights and remembering to turn lights off when they aren’t in use.

Seal air leaks: If you have more time and resources, find and seal air leaks throughout your home. A couple resources on how to do this: Energy Challenge; Energy Star


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