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Home Appliance Energy Use Visualization

13 June 2013

In a typical Minnesota home 30-40 items are plugged into the wall at all times. Each of these appliances such as your toaster, hair dryer, microwave and DVD player contribute to your homes total energy use.

GE Appliances developed a program to showHome Appliance Energy Use - GE Data Visualization different appliances’ energy use and to help people visualize how appliances add up to a homes total energy use. Of course these appliances may not be exactly the same wattage as your actual appliances, but it gives you a close estimate of how everything adds up.

How it works:

  • Deselect appliances that you do not own to customize your total appliance wattage
  • Click on the yellow stars to learn more about how an Energy Star rated appliance can lower your energy costs.

See how your energy conservation actions add up

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