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Energy Efficiency Pyramid

4 June 2013

Home energy efficiency can be confusing. Where should you start when making your home more efficient? Where should you go next after making an investment?

This energy efficiency pyramid, from, is a wonderful way to visualize the levels of efficiency. Similar to the food pyramid, read it from the bottom up. In general one should not move up a level until the level below has been completed.

Start at the bottom rung. The energy-saving measures at the bottom of the pyramid are much more cost-effective than those at the top. In fact, the top two measures on the energy conservation pyramid are almost never cost-effective. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

As demonstrated in this pyramid. The base of your home energy improvements should come from understanding. Understanding what your home needs and what the different actions can do to improve its efficiency. As you develop this understanding, the MN Energy Challenge is a great resource to help you gauge the difficulty of actions and give you resources to help complete actions.

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