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Energy Challenge’D- Submit Your Crazy Energy Photos!

6 May 2013

Space heater under someone’s desk!

Ever notice energy being wasted at home, work, or on the street? Well, it is time to share what you are seeing. Submit your photos of people, places and things that are wasting energy to the Energy Challenge’D project.

We’re launching the Energy Challenge’D to have fun while highlighting things that need a little (or a lot) of energy efficiency guidance. But we need YOUR help to find places and things that are Energy Challenge’D. Check out the Flickr page for submitted photos.

Anyone can participate!
1. Snap a photo of Energy Challenge’D things you see throughout your day and share them with us with Facebook, Twitter (#energychallengeD) or E-mail! Please include a short description of the picture. We will share them on our Flickr page for everyone to see.
2. After the photo submission deadline (May 20th) you will have a week to vote for your favorite pictures in the categories of commercial, transportation, and residential. When the voting opens we will add a link to this page.
Remember, this isn’t ALL fun and games. Make sure to check out the solutions page to find out how CEE can help you become more energy efficient. Blog about goals and development process of the Energy Challenge’D project.
Energy Challenge’D Webpage
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