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Take the Commuter Challenge

2 May 2013
trip tracker

Tracking my trips!

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for the  Commuter Challenge from Metro Transit. All it involves is a pledge to replace drive-alone trips with bus, train, bicycle, carpool, walk, vanpool or telework. This may be different for everyone. Maybe you have the goal of biking to work once a week or maybe you are a hardcore commuter and have a goal of never driving alone to work.

Whatever your goal, if you sign up for the Commuter Challenge and stick to your goal you will start saving money, becoming healthier and contributing to a healthier environment. What a win-win-win! Speaking of winning, if you track your commute at least one day a week and you are eligible to win prizes , such as $100 Target gift cards and Kindle Fires. How cool is that!?

Personally, I  enjoy tracking my commutes – it makes me realize how just one additional ride on transit can really make a difference in CO2 emissions.

While you’re at it, make sure to add your transportation actions to your Energy Challenge profile!

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