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A Plug for Energy Efficiency

20 March 2013

46aYes, I am a little bias towards energy efficiency, but after two years of working at CEE I am still amazed by how great efficiency is! As Maria van der Hoeven of  the International Energy Agency eloquently said,

“…higher efficiency can avoid infrastructure investment, cut energy bills, improve health, increase competitiveness and enhance consumer welfare – all while more than paying for itself.”

How does this relate to your life?

Take action now: We don’t need governmental policy to give us permission to conserve energy. As individuals, we can start making changes right now! Start conserving today- choose a couple actions to focus on in your home.

Cost effective: Energy conservation and the use of current energy efficient technologies available to homeowners and businesses have the potential to save tens or hundreds of billions of dollars.  Source These savings can have a direct impact on your bottom line. For instance, it is possible to save $400 a year just by making sure your home isn’t wasting energy! (source)

Directly affects coal: When we reduce our electricity use, utilities adjust by reducing the amount of coal they burn. This is because coal is one of the base sources of electricity in Minnesota, and thus where the utilities respond to lower electric sales.

Help Minnesota reduce costs, lower its carbon footprint, and decrease pollution by reducing energy use in your life!

Minnesota Energy Challenge

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