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Unplug Your Home!

1 March 2013

A typical home has 30-40 items constantly using electricity in their home. This is the cause for about 10% of your home’s electricity bill. For the country as a whole, it causes over $4 billion in wasted energy costs! This constant drain of energy has multiple names; standby power, phantom load, and vampire energy. All mean that items in your home are using energy even though they are  in “off”mode. No reason to fret- reducing your homes standby power is super simple and cheap!

All electronics that use a remote or have any sort of light such as speakers, microwave,  or clocks are using standby power. How to solve this? Turn off and UNPLUG electronics when they are not in use. Use power strips to make this task easier. Below is a list  and cost of the average wattage use of some common electronics when in standby or off mode. Costs are approximate and differ on each states electric rate.

Lawrence Berkley National Labratory

Flip the Switch- Minnesota Energy Challenge

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