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Why Can’t Every Sunday be Superbowl Sunday?

1 February 2013

An article in the New York Times addresses an interesting finding on Americas energy use on Superbowl Sunday (or Puppybowl Sunday). Opower conducted the study and found that on Superbowl Sunday last year energy use was down by an average of 5% in American households compared to similar Sundays. The decrease in electricity usage even correlates with kickoff! I thought this was terribly contradictory since the first thing people need to watch the Superbowl is a TV, AKA electricity use.  Apparently TV is not an energy culprit in this situation. TV and the most important American sporting event of the year reduces energy use because everyone stops their regular Sunday night routine to sit down and watch TV. When every household member and their friends gather around 1 TV and stop cooking, washing clothes, and surfing on their computers,we reduce electricity use!

Why don’t we try and make every Sunday like Superbowl Sunday?! As well as family day, Sunday can be reduced energy day! Each Sunday have your family pledge to do an Energy Challenge action together. Who knows, energy saving day could become a highlight in your week!

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