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Another Way to Fix a Drafty Home

8 January 2013

Thermal image of heat loss through recessed lighting.

On the Energy Challenge blog, we like talk about the importance of sealing air leaks. Since it’s the season we all notice heat loss in our homes, I thought it would be a prime time to bring it up yet again!

Let’s highlight an attribute of air leaks, specifically hot air leaks. When hot air leaks out of the top of your home through attic air leaks, your home creates an air convection. This convection causes cold air to be drawn in at the bottom of your home. As you can imagine, this can cause draftiness and discomfort in your home.

This is one more reason to seal those attic air leaks. If you need some more reasons to justify the fixing of air leaks, check out the other benefits to attic air sealing.

Full article on Green Building Advisor

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