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Wasted wasted energy: 2012 edition

28 December 2012

Wasted wasted energy” blog post from 2008 continues to be one of the most read MN Energy Challenge posts. Unfortunately the numbers haven’t changed at all from 2008. The  latest energy flow chart from Lawrence Livermore National Labratory demonstrates where our energy comes from, where it goes and how it is used.  Unfortunately, out of the 97.3 Quads (quadrillion British Thermal Units) use in the U.S. economy, 56.% of it is wasted. With our economy being just 43.8% efficient, there is, lets say, significant room for improvement.

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One point on the chart I like to focus on is residential energy use. 20% of residential energy is wasted through inefficient use.  The good thing is we can do something about this wasted energy in our everyday life by continuing to make our homes more efficient. Such as cutting down on all those days when you heat your home when no one is there,  nights you leave the light on downstairs and forgetting to close the fireplace damper. Check out the Energy Challenge actions  to get more ideas on how to make your home energy efficient.

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