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It’s ice dam season- Prevent them now!

12 December 2012

With this first snow storm of the season , it seems the 2012/13 winter is already more prone to ice dams than last year. A recent article in Twin Cities Pioneer Press highlights that the best solution to avoid ice dams is to start preventing them now.

Ice dams have two ways of forming:

#1-Through heat escaping through your roof: It doesn’t look like it but ice dams are not a roof problem, they are a home problem. If heat is leaking into your attic space, and making your roof warmer than 32 degrees it will melt the snow, and create ice dams. This can be fixed with attic air sealing and insulation. These are great solutions because not only will they save your roof from ice dams, but it will also reduce your energy bills!

#2- Snow acting as an insulator: No matter how well insulated your attic is, if there is enough snow, it can act as an insulator. This means it can start melting itself and turn into ice dams.

How to fix it? Schedule a home audit to see if you need better insulation or air sealing (check out the CES program through CEE) Secondly, break out the roof rake, and start raking the snow off the edges of your roof. No matter what you do, DO NO GET ON YOUR ROOF. Do me a favor and stay on the ground, ice dams are no reason to risk your life and limbs!

I recommend reading the article for more details.

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