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Power and Energy Primers

26 November 2012

The Innovation Exchange (i.e.)  is a section of CEE dedicated to sharing knowledge regarding researching, synthesizing, and pioneering energy efficiency solutions.  The i.e. is currently featuring a series of blogs titled, Power and Energy Primer. This series discusses some important features of our energy system.

What’s the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt-hour? And why does it matter? Whatever your background may be, it’s good to review the basics. Our Power and Energy Primer provides an overview of the building blocks of our energy system.

Here is an overview of the blog series:

Introduction-The difference between power and energy.

Part 1: The Light Bulb and the Electric Bill-Difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt-hour, and why it matters.

Part 2: Loads and Peaks-Power and concept on peak loads.

Part 3: Load Curves and Generation– How demand influences source or electricity

Part 4: Energy Flow, Source and Site Energy– Difference between source and site energy, and why it matters when measuring our impact on the environment.

Part 5: An Introduction to Power Quality– Looking at the flow of electricity.

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