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Electricity Demand and Smartphone Use.

30 October 2012

While at home, do you find yourself using your smartphone or tablet more often than your computer? Cheers to you because it takes a modest .41 to .53 cents a year to charge a smart phone compared to about $28 for a computer! A blog by Opower addresses the phenomenon surrounding the  smartphone craze and how it affects home energy use.

More  people are using their smart phones instead of their computers to search the web and connect online than ever before. Combination of rapid adoption of smart phone usage and the efficiency of the devices creates the potential for decreased homeowner electricity use. Of course, smartphones still require electricity and are increasing internet traffic (which increases electricity demand). Yet, that does not outweigh the fact that many are using smart phones for things originally done on more energy intensive electronics.  For instance in March 2012, U.S. Facebook users spent more time accessing the site on their smartphone than their computer (Opwer). As the graph below shows, the operating cost difference between devices has potential to dramatically reduce  your home’s energy costs.

Via Opower

In summary, Opower makes a great point. A day spent browsing the internet, sending e-mails and using social media on a smartphone or tablet is much more energy efficient than a computer. Have a smartphone or tablet? Take the challenge of trying to leave off one large electronic such as your computer or TV for one day a week and use the smaller electronics instead.

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