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Energy Conscious Halloween

22 October 2012

Between bags of candy and a new costume, the average consumer spends $80 on Halloween. In order to spend less money and use  less energy on Halloween, you don’t need to be the house that gives out pennies or has all the lights out and “is not home” . Here are some great ways to save energy and be conscious of your consumption this Halloween.

Trade old costumes! I am a little late since National Costume Swap Day has passed, but you can always create your own costume trade between your family and friends! Ask around and see if any of your friends already have a costume or things you can borrow to avoid buying yourself or your kids a whole new costume. I mean who really wears a lion costume more than once?

Another great idea is to get some LED Halloween lights. Holiday LED lights are great because they last for a long time (wont have to buy a new strand for years!) and they use 90% less electricity.

Lastly, if you really want to be an energy champ, try to use a minimal amount of lighting on Halloween night. Light your party with candles or play a family activity with a flashlight. Have fun and be energy conscious on the spookiest night of the year!

Oh yeah and watch out for those energy phantoms!

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