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Congratulations Minnesotans! You reduced energy use by 1% in 2012.

19 October 2012

An article in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press states that Xcel Energy sales  will be reduced 1% by the end of this year. This means Xcel customers are using LESS energy and are contributing to a healthier Minnesota. Minnesotan’s have been so successful at reducing their energy use that  during the scorching hot temperatures this summer, electricity use actually fell!

Why does Xcel say they have reduced electricity sales? Xcel Energy’s regional vice president, Laura McCarten says it’s partially due to strong conservation efforts. That means you guys!

Xcel’s million-plus customers are trimming their power consumption — installing fluorescent bulbs, adjusting thermostats, insulating homes and switching to more efficient appliances.

WAY TO GO all you energy savers! As the Energy Challenge  (Over 28,000 people are pledging to save $12,700,000) and this article show you- all your good habits, products and investments are helping Minnesota reduce its energy use.

I am so motivated after reading this article I may go and pick a new action to try!

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