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October is Energy Awareness Month!

1 October 2012

Happy Energy Awareness Month! According to the White House Energy Awareness Month is:

a national effort to underscore how central energy is to our national prosperity, security, and environmental well-being.

To celebrate this month here are some cool Minnesota energy facts.

  • The typical Minnesota homeowner leaves 30-40 electronics plugged in all of the time. How many do you have in your home? How many can you cut the power to for most of the day? Flip the Switch.
  • That 1970s beer fridge in your basement costs an average of $200 dollars a year to run. That is some expensive beer! Out with the old!
  • 57% of Minnesota’s electricity comes from coal. The second source is nuclear at 23%. Source
  • There are 81 miles of on-streets and 85 miles of off-street bike paths in Minneapolis. Explore a few around your home and ditch the car!
  • 55% of  a Minnesota home energy is spent on heating and cooling. Learn how to lower your heating bills this winter.
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