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More recycling starts with you!

18 September 2012

An important step on your way to recycling like crazy is recycling when you are on the go. You’ve most likely visited places in Minnesota that don’t have recycling containers and you think, “how can this place not have recycling?!” As a motivated recycler, you can help get more bins into public places! To start a recycling program you need to gain support,  then  decide, find a vendor, get a bin, educate, and maintain.

In a recent Minnesota Pollution Control Agency post I learned:

  • Recycling and composting are exempt from extra taxes, while  waste bills have added taxes. With less waste to pick up the business or organization could pay less for waste collection.
  • Public entities such as cities and schools must have bins to recycle 3 types of materials and transfer these materials to a recycler.

These requirements and the multiple benefits of recycling are great things to bring up when gaining support for a recycling program.  When getting started you should check out  Minnesota PCA for resources on how to apply for grants, bulk rates and discounts. Also, you cannot have a recycling bin without a label! If you are the creative type, make your own, otherwise Hennepin County has some great pre-made ones.

Happy recycling everyone!

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  1. Mark permalink
    18 September 2012 12:31 pm

    Great tips! One slight correction: There is no “Minnesota EPA” – it’s called the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

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