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The Other Benefits of Sealing Attic Air Leaks

14 September 2012

It is officially time for some fall themed blog posts. One of the best things to do before winter arrives is to seal attic air leaks. Sealing air leaks saves lots of energy because you won’t have as much heat escaping out of the attic. Beyond saving energy there are many other great results that come from sealing air leaks:

  • Comfort: No one feels comfortable in a home that leaks! Those chilly drafts in the winter are often a result of cracks and small holes that are not sealed.

    Energy Star

  • No more mysterious door slams: It’s no ghost! Leaks can cause various pressure changes in your home which can cause your doors to randomly close.
  • Improved air quality: This is a really important one for you and your family. Sealing air leaks can prevent  pollen, dust and humidity from entering your home which improves you home’s air quality.
  • Prevent frozen pipes: Sealing up those holes  allows less cold air from coming in a potentially causing your pipes to freeze.
  • No more ice dams: Hot air leaking out of your home can cause ice dams. How Ice dams form.

Take a look at the picture to the right to see where the most common places air leaks out of your home. Then refer to the Energy Challenge air sealing action guide to get more details on how to fix your air leaks. Hint: it’s pretty simple and inexpensive.


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