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We Use 2 Sources of Energy at Home.

13 September 2012

Hello again to all my energy saving friends!  We already know that our homes use electricity. Today I want to let you  know about the other type of energy we use at home called natural gas. Natural gas is used to heat our homes, so it is really important in the super cold winter. Natural gas can also be used to heat our ovens.

Kind of like coal, natural gas comes from animals and plants that died in the ocean millions of years ago, back when the dinosaurs were around. The dead animal and plants got covered with layers of dirt that “cooked” it and made it into natural gas. Just like coal, we only have a limited amount of it which means it is a non-renewable gas.

Three images, all about Petroleum & Natural Gas Formation.The first image is about the Ocean 300 to 400 million years ago. Tiny sea plants and animals died and were buried on the ocean floor. Over time, they were covered by layers of sand and silt.The second image is about the Ocean 50 to 100 million years ago. Over millions of years, the remains were buried deeper and deeper. The enormous heat and pressure turned them into oil and gas.The third image is about Oil & Gas Deposits. Today, we drill down through layers of sand, silt, and rock to reach the rock formations that contain oil and gas deposits.

Interested in knowing more about natural gas and were it comes from ? Visit Allient Energy Kids and EIA Energy Kids

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