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Yeah, You Should Recycle Your Batteries.

10 September 2012

Millions of batteries are thrown away each year, many of which contain harmful metals such as mercury and lead. These can be harmful to human and environmental health if not properly disposed of.  Hennepin County accepts all types of batteries at various locations such as libraries, and community centers.Battery factsheet

Three simple steps to battery recycling

  1. Gather your batteries for recycling. Remember that anything that makes sounds, lights up or turns on without being plugged in contains a battery.
  2. Prepare your batteries for recycling by removing the battery from the device and placing clear tape over terminals or place each battery in its own plastic bag to prevent short-circuiting. If you cannot remove the battery, bring in the entire device.
  3. Recycle your batteries. Hennepin County accepts all types of batteries from households at household battery drop-off containers.  Find a drop-off location near you.

Print off this battery recycling fact sheet to have as a quick reference.


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