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But Really, Biking has Some Serious Benefits.

27 August 2012

As you may know, a couple months ago the Minnesota Energy Challenge was involved in an interactive public art project called Bicycling Counts. The project  highlighted various benefits of biking such as reduced heath care costs and pollution. Since it is never too late to start riding your bike, here are 5  reasons to hop on your bike this week!

1. Doesn’t pollute! For every mile you bike instead of drive you save 1 pound of CO2 and other pollutants. Bike to work or the store just once or twice a week and energy savings will add up quick!

2. Keeps you healthy! Biking is a fun and productive way to burn calories and spend some time outdoors. Every mile you bike at a leisurely pace burns about 25 calories. If you bike 3 hours a week you can reduce your risk of heart disease by 50%!(source)

3. Saves money! When you bike there is no cost for gas or parking. Nothing feels better then getting where you need to be for free.  Ditch the Car and see how much you save each year!

4. Be a part of a community! In Minnesota- one of the most bike friendly states, there is a huge biking community. There are multiple biking groups and bike centered events that everyone can get involved in. Check out PedalMN for a list of biking activities near you.

5. It is fun! Whether you are by yourself or with 10 friends, biking is fun. Biking also helps us feel less stressed and more relaxed. (source)

People for Bikes;  Ecosimply

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