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Yes. That is Reusable.

8 August 2012

When you count up the number of items you throw away every week- it can really  add up. It is estimated that about 300 million pounds of plastic bags thrown in landfills every year. Since we want to try to reduce, reuse and recycle, here are some great reusable items to help you reduce waste in your home:

Sandwich/ snack bags: Your whole family will love to bring their sandwiches in these colorful snack bags. No need to worry if a little jelly gets on the bag, since you can just throw it in the wash! Find them at or your local grocery and gift shops.

Plastic produce bags:  Avoid using disposable plastic produce bags every shopping trip and bring your own reusable bags! Keep them in your car or in the reusable shopping tote so you remember to use them. Once you start bringing them, you will get in the habit in no time!

Dryer sheets: Reusable dryer sheets? Who knew!? These dryer sheets eliminate static for up to 500 loads.

Dry cleaning bags: Say goodbye to those giant plastic bags from the dry cleaners. Next time you drop off your clothes at the dry cleaner include a reusable dry cleaning bag and ask them to store your clothes in it. Green Garmento

Green Grass7. Sandwich bags           1. Produce and bulk food bags

These all make excellent gifts. It is a gift that keep on giving!

Earth 911

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