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Be an Energy Investigator

2 August 2012

Did you know the lights and electronics ( like your TV, computer and cell phone charger) use 20% of the energy used in your house?  To save energy it is good to know where all your electronics are in your house. That’s why I love to play the Energy Investigator Game!

How to Play:

1. Gather your friends and family to help play!

2. Go from room to room and try to see how many electronics you can findTolby. You may have to search pretty hard around each room to make sure you don’t miss any small electronics like computer or cell chargers!

3. Count up the final tally of electronics. How many did you find?

4. Pick two electronics that you and your family can remember to unplug every night before you go to bed!

5. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for helping keep the earth healthy!

Check out Phantom Load

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