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What, You Can Compost That?

25 July 2012

Composting is such a cool process. Being able to turn trash back into dirt right in your own back yard is amazing, and of course, great for the environment. Surprisingly you can compost more then what you may think. Here are some unique items that you can add to your compost pile!

1. Cotton balls, old shredded cotton clothing and scraps

2. Hair ( from you and your pets!) , dryer lint and dust and dirt from your vacuum can all be composted! Now cleaning is so much more fun…right?

3. Packaging: unfortunately plastic is not compostable and does not biodegrade but cardboard cereal and snack boxes are! Just shred them first.

4. Old bills (watch out for the plastic bill port), junk mail and magazines: make sure it is shredded into smaller pieces before putting it in your pile.

5. Used tissues, paper towels and paper plates (that are not heavily soiled with grease): Now this is a significant way to cut down on your trash load!

6. Wine and beer: dump the small remainders of your drinks into the pile. Somehow beer and wine even encourage and speed up the composting process!


Add compost like crazy to your list of MN Energy Challenge energy saving actions! To not get these items mixed up in the non-compostable trash, dedicate a smaller separate bin just for composting items. Now go have fun going on a search of all the garbage that can be composted and turned back into nutritious dirt!

Earth 911 

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