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Water Sensibly this Summer

23 July 2012

Lawns are tricky- you want to keep them looking nice and green, but unfortunately,  that takes a lot of watering. In the summer months, cities report using up to 4 times the amount of water used during winter months. Thankfully we are not in an extreme drought like a lot of the country, but it is still smart to water your yard sensibly! 

Water before work: There is the least amount of evaporation when you water in the early morning, around 4 to 7 AM. Along with this, many cities including EdinaPlymouthPrior Lake, Bursville and Hopkins impose watering restrictions during summer months. So check with your city before watering.

Avoid runoff: Try and turn off your sprinkler when water starts to run off your lawn. Over watering isn’t good for your lawn or water use!

Take advantage of the rain: It always looks silly when sprinklers are going off when it is raining and it isn’t a very efficient use of water! If you have an automatic watering system, remember to flip your rain shut-off switch when it is raining or predicted to rain later in the day. Rain shut off switches are inexpensive and can be installed on most systems. Another way to take advantage of the rain is to get a rain barrel to collect and us rain water for your garden.

Strategically placed sprinkler: Your sidewalk doesn’t need water to grow so try to set up your sprinkler so that it only waters the lawn and garden.

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