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It’s Easy to Support Wind Energy in Minnesota!

6 July 2012

A great way to support renewable wind energy in Minnesota is to sign up for your utilities wind energy program. It may not be free, but for only $1/month you can buy blocks of wind power to add to the grid! This doesn’t mean that those electrons produced through wind power are going just to your home, but you’re still helping your utility invest in renewables.  Pretty cool right!  And it is SUPER easy to save $1/month by doing one small easy action to save energy in your home.

Wind energy comes in 100 kWh blocks. You can purchase just one block at a time (about 1 dollar a month) or opt to match 100% of your energy use with wind power( average of $10 a month). Not too bad for an action that can make a big difference for renewable energy in our state.

Harness the Power of Wind

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