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Red,White and Blue…and Green!

3 July 2012

No better way to show our patriotism than to be a little more green this 4th of July – help reduce dependence on foreign oil and improve our impact on America’s environment!  Here are some easy positive choices you can make while celebrating this week!

  • Going out of town?  Remember to carpool! Along with this, make sure your tire pressure is up to get better mpg on your way out of town.
  • Get together! The fewer individual parties the less resources used. So, think of  getting everyone together and going to a large public gathering instead of hosting your own party (and make it easier for you). And public firework shows are always so much more exciting than anything I can put together.
  • I know it is difficult to have a lot of guests over and not use disposable dishes. But there is a middle ground– choose compostable or recyclable picnic dishes! There are some great paper plates that can be thrown in your compost pile.  Personally, I am a fan of the recyclable plastic dishes. Just make sure to check the bottom of the dishes to make sure they can be recycled! The important step is to tell all of your guests that the plates are recyclable and to not throw them in the trash!
  • If you are really motivated- have the goal of throwing a zero waste party.

Happy 4th everyone! It’s Party Time!

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