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You AND your yard can be green this summer.

22 June 2012

Its lawn mowin’ season everyone! And with this rainy spring, yards are green and growing fast. Thus, this is a great time to think about if you can make some green lawn mowing decisions. In the U.S. we have over 50,000 square miles of lawn – an area larger then the state of New York! In turn, we use several hundred million gallons of gasoline  to mow all this lawn each year. These mowcycles (seriously so cool!)  may be a little extreme for most of us,  but there are still some great ways to make a difference while keeping your yard beautiful.

A great way to reduce your use of gas (and get a new lawn mower)  is to use a rechargeable electric lawnmower. Use this Clean Lawn Calculator to see the reduction in yearly air pollution emissions when using electric lawn mower. The highest rated electric mower on Consumer Reports is the Black and Decker self propelled- but I would recommend doing your own research as well!

If you have a small yard and/or enjoy a little extra workout, remember that a push reel lawn mower is always a great option. This way you don’t have to worry about any type of re-filling or re-charging!

Green Building Advisor

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  1. 17 July 2012 10:23 pm

    I second emotion, rechargeable electric mower can save user global warming plus you can save some dollars with the fuel you burn.

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