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How much do appliances really cost?

21 June 2012

TolbyElectricity is great because it allows us to use lots of fun things like TV, video games and computers. Every time you use these things it costs money, but how much?

If you use your TV, video game console and computer for 3 hours a day for 1 year this is how much it can cost:

PS3 or Xbox 360: $12/year

Watching cable TV: $25/year

Using a desktop computer: $27/year

That can add up to be  a lot of money! I try to not use my TV, computer or video games very much when it’s nice outside. My favorite activities don’t use electricity: I like to go biking outside with my friends the best. What is your favorite activity to do that doesn’t use electricity??

Energy Savers: Home electronic energy use

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