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North Como Presbyterian Makes the Top 10!

14 June 2012

As I am sure many of you know, the Minnesota Energy Challenge is 5 years old, and many teams have been part of the Challenge since the start. But as this great story shows, it is fun and rewarding to refresh and set new goals for your Minnesota Energy Challenge team!

Carol is a member of North Como Presbyterian Church, and an energy-saving enthusiast. Back in 2009 Carol ran a MN Energy Challenge campaign at her church and got enough members to be in the top 10 for congregations.  Unfortunately, over time they were edged out by other growing congregation teams. In March of this year, Carol called me to help her run another MN Energy Challenge campaign with a goal of making it back into the top 10 congregation teams. At the time, North Como Presbyterian was ranked 13th with 76 members.

The campaign was part of a continued attempt to offset the Church building’s energy use through members reducing their energy use at home. Carol and I worked on customizing pledge forms, selecting the best educational handouts and fun Tolby giveaways for kids. After sending her all of the necessary materials, Carol did a wonderful job of setting up a simple but attention-grabbing table to get church members pledging to save energy. One Sunday I also came to North Como Presbyterian to help answer any energy questions and sign up members for the North Como Energy Challenge team.

All of Carol’s hard work paid off – after her tabling and outreach, Carol and the members of North Como reached their goal of getting in the top ten congregation teams and are now ranked 9th with 88 members!  Congratulations Carol and North Como for reaching your goal and continue to help Minnesota be a healthy, energy efficient state!

If you want to participate in some friendly competition and continue to save energy, I would love to help you reach that new goal! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help re-charge your team for 2012!

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