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Take Advantage of Cool Summer Nights

11 June 2012

This weekend was a steamy one for sure! It was also a perfect example of how great fans are on many nights in Minnesota summers. Often the temperature can go from 90’s to 70’s pretty quickly- especially with the help of summer night rain showers. On those nights it is a great time to turn off the A/C, open the windows and let the fresh, cool breeze in. Minimal breeze? Use a window fan to help pull in the cool air. Thank your fans:Central A/C ; Thank your fans: Window A/C

But we all know some summer nights in Minnesota are just too hot to even think of turning off the A/C. If you have central air try turning up the temperature a few degrees at night.  Each degree you are able to raise the temperature, you will save 3–5% on air conditioning costs (source), which can really add up over the summer!

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