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Crazy Cool Energy Facts

8 June 2012

In Minnesota, and the United States people use lots of energy for many different things. I am excited to tell you some  of my favorite facts on how much energy we use, and how much energy we can save together!

  • The United States is only 5% of the world’s population but we use 30% of the world’s total energy. This means we use way more energy then other countries even though we have less people.
  • Over 50 million United States homes have three or more televisions. Now that is a lot of  T.V. (and energy used)!
  • If everyone in Minneapolis (382,578 people) changed 5 light bulbs to energy saving ones like I have on my bottom, 204,679,230 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and $382,603 would be saved. This is like taking 18,204 cars (and the bad co2 emissions they put in the air) off the road!!
  • If everyone in Saint Paul (285,068 people) turned off lights behind them and unplugged electronics when they are not using them 84,950,264 pounds of CO2 and could be saved and about 4 million dollars could be saved. This is also like saving about 2 million trees which is a lot of trees!
So today help me save some energy by choosing one action to save energy today.
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