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What’s up with carbon dioxide?

24 May 2012

Carbon dioxide is an important part of the atmosphere (air around the earth). But we have to be careful because too much of it can be bad for the earth.

What the SUPER TINY atom of carbon looks like!

What is carbon dioxide (Co2)? Co2 a chemical that is in the form of an invisible gas. So most of the time you can never actually see it!

Where does it come from? 

  • Plants and animals: In order for plants and trees to grow they need to turn sunlight into carbon dioxide. And when animals breathe they release carbon dioxide. The good thing about plants and trees is that they take carbon dioxide OUT of the air as well.
  • Human activities: We release a lot of carbon dioxide because every time we burn coal or gas for energy we release A BUNCH of carbon dioxide.

Why is it bad? Because humans put lots of carbon dioxide in the air there is too much in the air. The earth is not used to this much carbon dioxide . This is doing bad things to the earth and it is becoming unhealthy for all of us.

Play this great Carbon Cycle game!

More on Carbon dioxide!

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