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Drive efficiently, save gas and increase safety!

14 May 2012

Driving can be frustrating, especially with increased gas prices creating a larger drain on household finances.  No worries if busing or biking aren’t good options for you – there are some simple ways to save gas just by driving more efficiently!  As a nice bonus, some of these actions also increase safety on our roads.

  1. Don’t be so aggressive: Aggressive driving (rapid acceleration, braking and speeding) can reduce your fuel efficiency by 5 % on city streets to 33% on highway.
  2. Graph showing MPG VS speed MPG decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mphStick to the limit: As this graph shows, cars are most efficient at speeds from 30 to 60 miles per hour (MPH). Every 5 MPH  increment you go over 60 MPH is like paying .31 more cents per gallon of gas
  3. Avoid using your car as a storage facility: Every extra 100 pounds you have in your care reduces its efficiency by 2%.
  4. Stop idling: It only takes 10 seconds worth of fuel to turn on your car. This means that if you are waiting for something or someone for more than 10 seconds you should turn off your car to save gas.

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