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Those Twisty Looking Light Bulbs

11 May 2012

Today I am going to tell you all about my favorite kind of light bulb! We know that I use an energy saving light bulb called a compact florescent light bulb (CFL) to stay bright at night. But how much energy does it save compared to other light bulbs used called incandescents? The picture below is of a CFL (on the left) and incandescent (on the right).

The energy that light bulbs use is called electricity, which is measured in watts. If you look on a light bulb it will say how many watts it uses.  The most common incandescent bulbs use 60 watts, 75 watts and 100 watts of electricity to light up. CFLs use less electricity for the same amount of light – in fact, 75% less electricity.

Click here to print out the light bulb inventory and calculation sheet. This way you can keep track of how many of each kind of light bulb is in your house!

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