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Tolby Campaign at Edina Public Schools!

24 April 2012

TolbyBig news for our friend Tolby, who is making headlines in Edina Public School’s earth week! The Edina Go Green Committee is working hard to spread the word on saving energy at home and school. I  am working with three enthusiastic parents who love  Tolby and want to bring him to Edina in a big way.

To kick off the campaign, the parents organized a time for me to come and talk to Countryside Elementary Kid’s Council in the morning. After this, scripts were written for each school for morning announcements to spread the word within all of the schools. We also designed posters for each school to put up in the main entrance of their school. The announcements to remind students to “turn of lights behind you” are made every morning during the week. Along with this, each elementary student got a Tolby light switch decal and kid-centered action guide. Woofta! With all this great work we were able to bring students attention to the simple energy saving action of: Turn off lights behind you.

If you would like to start your own Tolby campaign at your school or have any other questions, contact Emma at

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