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Video game consoles = 1% of our electricity use!

17 April 2012

A recent study conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon found that video game consoles are responsible for 1% of the U.S. residential electricity use. This is more electricity than is consumed by all the residences in Rhode Island, and despite the fact that less than 50% of households own a game console! The study found that it is not just a problem of how much electricity is used while the games are in play, but that 30% of people do not turn off or put to sleep their consoles when they leave the game for a significant period of time.

How can we fix this huge energy drip? It would be quite easy actually. If manufactures just create an automatic update that puts the console to sleep after an hour it would solve much of the problem. But in the meantime, just shut off your game console when you leave it for more than 30 minutes! 

What does this cost us? On the individual level owners of Xbox or PS3 who shut down their consoles would save $100 dollars a year. Since Wii  are much more efficient owners would save only a few dollars a year. Overall by having a built in sleep mode put on consoles would save consumers over $1 billion each year.

Summary of the study

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  1. 19 April 2012 3:45 pm

    Turns out the xbox and the ps3 already have an auto-off setting:

    Just not on by default. But hey, if you’ve got one, set it up!

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