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2011 Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

9 April 2012

It’s tax time!! And the perfect time to remind you of the opportunities for energy efficiency home improvement tax credits. The tax credits available for improvements in 2011 are in general 10% of all energy efficient installations up to the maximum $500.

There are specific limits on certain equipment:

  • High efficiency furnaces and boilers – $150
  • Air-Conditioners and  heat pumps – $300
  • Main air circulating fans – $50
  • ENERGY STAR Windows – 10% capped at $200
  • Energy efficient water heaters – $300

A very important note to all of this is that these credits are only available who have not reach the cap of $500 over the years of 2006-2010. So for instance if you got $300 dollar credit in 2009 you can get up to $200 for 2011. And since that is the extent of my tax knowledge, the Alliance to Save Energy has a great page on how to claim your tax credits.

Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

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